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Wellround Myofascial Release Training:

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Join us for a weekend of immersive learning!

Maybe you are brand new to myofascial release and want to learn all about it! Perhaps you have been practicing or even teaching, myofascial release for a while and want to learn more. Either way, the Wellround team can help get you rolling!

Level 1 Wellround certification will teach you the basics of myofascial release, including the science behind it, and techniques to practice it. You will also learn a set sequence for a full body roll-out that you can practice at home, any time!

If you are already an industry professional you will also be certified to teach your own workshops using this sequence, which will leave your students feeling wonderful and wanting to work with you again and again!

The class will be 20 hours held over one weekend (Fri-Sun) with two instructors: Owner/CEO Kory Rigler, and Master Instructor Holly Anderson. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a signed certificate, an instructor shirt, and access to our instructor community.

Enroll by March 31st, 2023 to save $100 off!

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