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Upcoming Workshops:

June 2024 Deep Restoration Workshop (Instagram Post).png

This new workshop will combine the modalities of Myofascial Release, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra for deep healing & restoration of the body & mind.


Enjoy Myofascial Relief to begin guiding you into your body and relieve tension before settling into some incredibly restorative yoga poses to find a deeper state of ease. Top it all off with Yoga Nidra to guide us back into the body and through the senses.


Benefits include: Pain Relief, Injury Prevention, Muscle Recovery, Improved Sleep, Stress Reduction, Increased Mobility & Proprioception, and so much more!

  • All props and massage tools are provided, just bring your mat, your water or tea, and yourself!

  • Holly suggests that you wear more form-fitting layers close to the body, as loose clothing can sometimes add challenges to the Myofascial Release practice.

  • You are welcome to bring your own props and tools, but please keep in mind that this practice is built around the use of the various Wellround massage tools.


If you don't have some massage balls and are interested in purchasing a set of Live Wellround balls, please review the options available here!

Holly Anderson is a Trauma-Informed E-RYT and Wellround Senior Instructor/Training Coordinator with extensive experience guiding folks through Self Massage and Myofascial Release techniques. Her passion is to help you explore the best ways to support your individual needs and find relief through these practices.

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